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Recruitment Procedures

  • 1. Vacant and funded post is identified by Human Resources Section in consultation with the Head of Department in which the post exists.

  • 2. Advertisement is published in the Circular and Media considered to be appropriate by the Legislature.

  • 3. Applications are received and recorded by the Human Resource division

  • 4. Shortlisting is done by the shortlisting committee and the minimum of five candidates are shortlisted per one post

  • 5. The names and details of shortlisted candidates are forwarded to the Secretary for approval.

  • 6. Interview panel of at least four people is established by Human Resource Division.

  • 7. Human Resource division invites the approved shortlisted candidates to attend the interviews.

  • 8. Interview panel interviews and decides on one candidate to recommend to the Secretary.

  • 9. The Secretary reviews the recommendations and decides to either approves or not approves.

  • 10. Human Resource division sends a letter to the successful candidate to notify him or her about the appointment.

  • 11. If the new employee does not assume duties within seven days from the date as specified in the letter of appointment, then the offer lapses.

Policies applicable are Limpopo Legislature Conditions of Service of 2001 and Summary of Human Resources Policies of 2004.