Ke lentju la gago, le shomishe!

Dit is jou stem, gebruik dit!

I nomo wa wena, vulavula ha wona!

Lilizwi lakho, lisebenzise!

Ndi mulomo wavho, kha vha u shumise!


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Work In Progress

Work in Progress

The Committees of the Legislature are established in terms of the Standing Rules of Procedure and Orders of the Limpopo Legislature. House Rules 24-30 provide for the establishment of Committees. These committees are standing for the term of each Legislature and are there to perform specific functions which the House has entrusted to them for a specific period.

Types of Committees

The Limpopo Legislature has two types of Committees i.e Domestic or Internal Committees and Portfolio Committees. Domestic Committees are responsible for the internal functioning of the Legislature while Portfolio Committees are responsible for monitoring and overseeing the functioning of the respective portfolio departments of the government - the executive.