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It is your voice, use it!


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Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Work in Progress

The Committees of the Legislature are established in terms of the Standing Rules of Procedure and Orders of the Limpopo Legislature. House Rules 24-30 provide for the establishment of Committees. These committees are standing for the term of each Legislature and are there to perform specific functions which the House has entrusted to them for a specific period.

Types of Committees

The Limpopo Legislature has two types of Committees i.e Domestic or Internal Committees and Portfolio Committees. Domestic Committees are responsible for the internal functioning of the Legislature while Portfolio Committees are responsible for monitoring and overseeing the functioning of the respective portfolio departments of the government - the executive.

  • Public Works, Road and Infrastructure
  • Social Develpment and Welfare
  • Co-Operative Gorvenance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs
  • Health
  • Sports, Art and Culture
  • Transport, Safety, Security and Liaison
  • Public Administration
  • Finance(Treasury)
  • Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
  • Education

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996(Act 108 of 1996) provides in section 42(1) that parliament consists of the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The Constitution further provides in s42 (4) that the NCOP represents the provinces to ensure that provincial interests are taken into account in the national sphere of government. It does this mainly by participating in the national legislative process and by providing a national forum for public consideration of issues affecting the provinces. The Limpopo Provincial Legislature, in ensuring that that it participates effectively in the national law-making processes, has established the NCOP Liaison Services Section on its fixed establishment.

The raison d’κtre of the NCOP Liaison Services is:-

  • To facilitate and provide liaison services between the Legislature and Parliament, particularly the NCOP.
  • To facilitate the participation of the Legislature in NCOP processes.
  • To Coordinate the appointment of Special Delegates, the conferral of negotiating and final mandates on Bills.
  • To Coordinate the NCOP Provincial/Local Government Weeks and Taking Parliament to the People Programme.


1. What is CPA? The CPA is an association of the commonwealth parliamentarians who, irrespective of gender, race, religion or culture are united by community of interest, respect for the rule of law and individual rights and freedoms, and by pursuit of the positive ideals of parliamentary democracy.

1.1 CPA Mission and Membership Its mission is to promote the advancement of parliamentary democracy by enhancing knowledge and understanding of democratic governance.

The CPA is an international organization drawing its membership from about 52 commonwealth countries, and it's further divided into various regionssuch as the Pacific, Asia, Caribbean, Australia, Africa and e.t.c. .The Limpopo Legislature belongs to CPA Africa region. The CPA Africa region is composed of Branches (National Parliaments) and Sub-Branches (provincial Legislatures/ State territories) . The CPA has a women chapter called the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) which advances women agenda within the commonwealth countries, each CPA region and branch has a CWP structure.
2. CPA Annual Events

The CPA pursues its agenda by means of: • Annual Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences, Regional Conferences (CPA Africa Region) and other symposium. • Inter-parliamentary visits
• Parliamentary Seminars and Workshops
• Publications, Conference documentaries, Newsletters and
• Parliamentary information and Reference Centre research and Communications.
2 The above-mentioned activities affords strategic platform for members debate and analyze global political issues and developments in the parliamentary systems. The parliamentary practice and procedures are further discussed. The CPA conferences and other activities are attended by leading parliamentarians representing Parliaments/Legislatures throughout the commonwealth. 3. Limpopo as a Sub-branch of the CPA

The Limpopo Legislature as a sub-branch of the CPA participates in the following activities on annual basis; • CPA Africa Region Conference
• CPA International Conference
• Parliamentary Seminars and Workshops
• Observance of the Commonwealth Day (commonly celebrated through school debates in the sub-branch)
3.1 Composition of the Limpopo CPA

In terms of the Constitution of the CPA, the branch is required to elect the Chairperson of the branch, the Chairperson of the CWP, the Treasurer of the CPA and additional members whilst the Secretary of the Legislature serves as the Secretary of the Branch. The Speaker and the Deputy Speaker serves as the President and Deputy President of the Branch respectively, whilst the Premier of the province serves as a patron. 4. Conclusion The Limpopo sub-branch participate fully in all the CPA activities and has recently launched the branch which is led by the Chaiperson, Honourable Soviet Lekganyane, and CWP led by the Chairperson Honorable, Reneilwe Molapo.

Public participation is a Constitutional mandate as outlined in Chapter 6 Section 118 which states that: A provincial legislature must facilitate public involvement in the legislature and other processes of the legislature and its committees.

To comply with the above mandate, the legislature has a Public Participation and Petitions Unit which comprise of three sub functions namely: Public education and outreach, Petitions and Public hearings and special projects.

The unit is responsible for providing administrative support to Committees in order for Members to fulfil their political mandate by ensuring public participation in all programmes and activities of the Legislature.


  • Public Works, Road and Infrastructure
  • Create awareness on the role and the functions of the Legislature

  • All programmes are one day sessions and include:

  • Public education workshops – These are aimed at educating members of the public and different sectors in society such as farm communities, trade unions, community development workers, traditional leaders and the health sectors among others, about the roles and functions of the Legislature. Workshops are scheduled per quarter depending on the availability of Members and the Committee Programme.
  • Public outreach workshops – Officials create platforms and make use of slots at events such as Parliaments Outbound Education Programmes to educate as many people of the province as possible.
  • School visits – schools in all districts of the province irrespective of the grades, visits the Limpopo Legislature as part of educational school tours aimed to educate learners and educators. Visits are conducted as per written request.
  • Exhibitions – Officials exhibit at EXCO public participation programmes arranged by the Premiers Office, where officials make short verbal presentations to members of the public who visit the stall and distribute print material on the main functions of the legislature and the petition process.

Public participation is based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process. Hence public hearings are held to give members of the public an opportunity to make their voice heard by making inputs and comments on pieces of legislation with the promise that the public’s contribution will influence the final decision.

The Limpopo Legislature undertakes special projects in order to create a platform wherein different sectors of society such as women, workers and the youth among others, can participate and raise issues and interests of concern with the hope that such could be addressed and which could also inform policy-making.

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